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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

part and parcel of life....

Yesterday I felt so frustrated, I felt numb, I am very-very I wish I could share here...I wish I could share all things that are happening to me but there are just things that we should left private...

I always heard my friends talking and complaining. At that time I could not imagine if what happened to them would happen to me. When it happened i felt something very serious and too dificult for me to accept it.

Today... I felt better after talking to Mr.H...I realised all these are part and parcel of life. There is always more than one solution to a problem. Alhamdulillah....mungkin ini ujian Allah...hambamu in redha Ya Allah. May Allah bless us all and may give guidance to follow the right path.

Maybe I need to take different actions, continue to strive and not give up easily. Patient, more love and less anger would be the best to handle a dificult situation...InsyaAllah.

Give me strength Ya Allah....

Till then peeps!!!

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