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Sunday, November 20, 2011

20-11-2011- Moms and girls outing...

 As promise me and my girls went to The Curve, girls-day-out thingy :)... Let the pictures do the talking...

@ MPH Bookstore...books and more books...both got RM100 hahaha apa lagi...

Simple brunch @ Starbucks, kakak dan merindui ice blended..:p

@ The Curve flea market- it was disappointing because I did not get anything there... :P

Movie time - Happy feet it!!

After movie, we were starving like mad, went to Subway to have our late lunch.Haahhaha takda picture kat subway because everyone busy makan sebab kelaparan... :)

The outing was fun and  enjoyable. Looks like the girls making plans for next week pulak...hmmm..

Later peeps!!!


  1. hihi jadik gak keluar pon suke flea market kat situ especially yg jual costume jewelleries tu heee

  2. Hello Ida, I was at KC's place nak check out noticed your lovely profile pic, and busybody over.
    Enjoyed the pics here. Very well taken and creative too.
    I have lost touch with KL and I guess that 'Curve' is a new Mall.
    You have a great week, and keep a song in your heart.

  3. Hi Uncle Lee, Welcome and thank you for stopping by and visiting my humble blog:). want to know more about The Curve visit this website :)

  4. kak Kc, kan...suka sangat kat flea market tuh..hehheeh...i wish i ada booth kat sana heheh