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Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

I’m really not into twilight series; I don’t hate it, but kinda not my movie-must -watch. But then, kakak asked me to accompany her to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1. Malasnya, but she's insisted, kesian la pulak. She supposed to watch the movie with her friends last week, tapi ticket dah habis. So we went to OU GSC to catch a 12.40 p.m show, we almost missed the show sebab mencari parking kat OU tu adoi lah berpusing punya lah lama. But we managed to watch the movie because a lot of advertisement aired before the show yeayy!!!After watching it, I was fascinated!!! Breaking Dawn part 1 is really a vast movie.I also fell in love with Bella's wedding dress It was simple and so elegant, beautiful and sexy…goshh!! I want one for myself…
pic from google
Next, is the honeymoon place...OMG!!!  that is so great, all of the sceneries are awesome. Everything look so beautiful. looks so nice and peaceful! i soooo want to go there!! yeah rite!! :D
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Hohoho!! For those who has not yet watch, breaking down part 1 is a must- watch-movie guys. Go get a ticket and enjoy…the wedding, pregnancy, delivery, vampires….arghhh!!! I can’t wait for breaking Dawn part 2 and to see what happens when Bella wakes up…

p/s There will be a sex scene in the movie but it will not show anything. But still I find it inappropriate for young teen below 15…sigh…hmmmm…

Later peeps!!

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