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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Because you are my daughter....

Well... its way past midnight. Everyone's asleep but me. I can’t help thinking what had happened recently :(

I know that you think you have all the answers and Mama dont understand you ( you always said that... remember??). But you actually didn't want to believe that Baba and Mama were actually young once and faced many of the same temptations. You didn't want to believe that what we were telling you was the truth. You are too young for that you should be focusing on school instead, there is plenty of time for that me...

We were telling you all those things not only because they are truth, but because we loved you so much and were so afraid that simple mistake will spoil you and we dont want you do something that you'll regret later. Throughout life, there are many temptations to do things that might be harmful. That is why we are here as parents to guides you. Sometimes teenagers like you don't understand their parents rules because they haven't lived as long and they don't see the hidden dangers. Understanding is learning to face those temptations, think about what Allah, Baba and Mama would have you do, and then just say "NO." If only you have to say NO.

Ya do I tell you how unique you are to me? from the minute I saw you at your birth, I felt this fantastic and remarkable relationship. I looked into your sweet face and remember thinking "Ya Allah, I am so lucky to have this beautiful baby...Alhamdulillah". You were everything I had asked for and more. I just wanted you to be born safely but you came with such amazing that way plus with a magnificence that radiated from you. I hope that you will always know that I love you. For a mother's, love is unconditional and that is what I have for you....MY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! I want you always know that no matter what, no matter how angry am I to you, I will be here for you. I want you to know that whenever you need me… I am right here waiting. Come to me if you feel sad, come to me if you happpy, come to me if you need someone to share...I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL....remember that...

I found this poem and this is exactly how i feel...

**my dear daughter**

I want so much for you to know
how much I love you.
I am critical of you sometimes,
but it's only because I have experienced so much more of life,
and I can often see that the path you are taking today,
may not take you to where you want to be tomorrow.

I know, too, that you are still young,
and you have to experience life for yourself.
If I can...I just want to spare you some of the pain
I had to go through on my own path in life....

When the words don't come with all I want to say,
I can still say this:I love you tremendously.
I would do anything for you.
And I promise I will try to be more patient and understanding of you,
and I pray that you will do the same for me.

And do me a favor sometimes.....tell me you love me, okay?
Having you grow up so quickly is hard on me.

By Carol Ann Bader

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