Casa Sofiya

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My boring weekend

Okay, not totally boring :). I baked chocolate moist muffins for my clan...

This arrived on Friday, I just opened it heehehe...bought online...awesome!!

Reading this book...

The rest I just stay at home watching TV, cooking and sleeping oh shopping :D. I just don't feel like going anywhere. In fact, just now Mr. H asked me to go out for dinner at a place I like, but I would prefer makan durian at my MIL's. She called earlier kata buah durian dah banyak gugur...woott!! woott!!!

There is goes my boring weekend.....later peeps...dah mabuk durian nih....


  1. beli buku online kat website mana babe?

  2. Qis, i selalu beli book online kat b4c BooksforCharity Nizida FB dia but u kat sana sure banyak and murah2 kan...hehhe bisnes la online...:)