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Monday, October 17, 2011

Saya nak kurus!!!

NICOLE KIDMAN - i like her, she is so beautiful and looks absolutely gorgeous and tall!! I pun tall jugak but yang paling i envy she has such amazing shape which is i dont have at all!!! how to get body shape just like a bottle? hehehe...

I have tried :-

1. Premium beautiful - kurus tak da pun but my sakit pinggang and badan kurang :)

2. Herbalife - Makin kuat makan ada lah

3. Pill - Its works but takut lah nak makan lama2 sangat ;)

4. RX lite - hahaha... sedap tapi asyik lapar jer...

Apa lagi erk...banyak lah...i've gain weight after i took birth control, till am still trying...for the past one week i just took this for my breakfirst

Harap2 berjaya lah ya...:)
later peeps!!

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