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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Awesome Fish Head Curry!

16 years ago Mr. H introduced me to this restaurant "bawah pokok" and to its fish head curry. I thing i did wrote about the restaurant before, Anuar Fish Head Curry, located at Lucky Garden bangsar. The curry is to die for. I am not a huge fan of curry but this place may just have changed that :)

So, for lunch today we went there because Mr. H mengidam nak makan sana and he has been eyeing the fish head curry here since last week. The fish tasted fresh and the level of spiciness was right on (heehee macam food tester plaks)

the fish head curry goes well with a plate of hot rice :)

We also had the fried chicken..sedap sangat and the fried sotong yang yummy!! till I forgot to snap pictures of heheehe...

So friends, go and’ll not be disappointed. InsyaAllah :)
Later peeps!

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