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Monday, October 24, 2011

our weekend...

Spending weekend with the whole family is such a relief. Last week, everyone at home. Kakak is also at home (BBM - Balik bermalam they call it). It's hard for us to be gathered together, bila semua ada nih, there are all sorts of plans they want to do. Tapi bukan semua boleh buat pun ;p

On Saturday, we went to kinokuniya at KLCC, masing-masing nak mencari buku. They all end up with 5 books each including me and Adam :D. The damage that day from kinokuniya was "phewwww..." hehehe... luckily Mr. H was okay with it. Kalau tak sia-sia jer kena cantas buku-buku yang tak penting.

Finished at KLCC, we had our dinner at Sakura, at first Mr.H wanted to eats seafood, but there were many people lining up waiting to get tables. So, we went to Sakura and had a yummilicious dinner.

aik?? mana Adam & Baba :)
The chinese halal food here is excellent and portions were generous. We shared everything we ordered. Anyway, what did we have for our dinner... :D. We started with salted egg soft shell crab, we also tried some fried kway teow cantonese style, a must try if you’re dining at this restaurant, Nasi and sambal petai udang, foo yong egg, Hainan chicken rice for Adam, ABC to die for :) and Sakura fried Chicken...superb!

After dinner we drove home with full tummy and everyone was sleepy kecuali Mr. H yang ada niat lagi nak pusing2 KL ;P...

On Sunday morning, I made a lazy-sunday-breakfast > instant capati and kari ayam :). Kakak dah sibuk berkemas nak balik hostel. Since exam dah habis Dina mula la terperap dalam bilik membaca buku yang dibeli on Saturday. Mr. H has to attend his friend wedding, I malas nak ikut, so Mr. H ajak his father :D. I teringin nak makan nasi minyak so i cooked nasi minyak, ayam masak merah and kari terung campur carrot for our lunch. Kakak pun boleh tapau bawak balik hostel.

Well, there goes my awesome weekend with anak-anak...later peeps!!

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