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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another meaningful Mother's Day...

Its doesn't matter how you celebrate mother's day or tak celebrate langsung  I wish all mothers out there Happy Mother's Day :)  

Moi and mum... :)

Hi tea
Me, my Mak, my Mother in law and sister inlaw celebrated our Mother's Day at Grand Bluewave Hotel Shah Alam (thanks to Mr. H for the treat). Entertainment tak best okay...:). It was a white and pink theme...hehehe I dah macam puteri umno pulak. Btw, we won sporting table hari tu...hehehe...
Thanks for all the wishes from Mr. H, my girls and boy and kawan-kawan. Thanks for the gift and Handmade card by Kakak...sweet and terharu Mama baca :)
I know everyday is Mother's day or Father's day and we should be honored every day and we should obey them, but tak salah if we want to show them that we really appreciate them on a special day kan? Everyday is Mother’s day despite all Doa kita untuk mereka boleh ke kita belikan hadiah hari-hari or  belanja mereka dinner or hi tea hari-hari? But this way, it makes sure we memorize to do this on a special day, and show them they are special to us. :)... owhh itu pendapat I lah... tepuk dada tanya selera kan..:)
Later peeps!

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