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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Salam, hello peeps!!

last 2 weeks, 28 Nov to be exact, we went to Melaka kerana Mr. H ada kursus kat sana.Melaka has become an annual trip for us but this time I asked my parents to join us. Mr. H will be busy so I dgn the kids jer, bila ada my parents with us more fun and more activities can be done.

Alhamdullillah our trip to Melaka went smoothly. First time I drove to Melaka. Nurin and my Mak in my car, Mr. H, my Abah, Dina and Adam in the other car.

Di Melaka we checked in Hotel Sri Costa, one of boutique hotel close to dining area, shopping, Mall and places of interest. Menara Taming Sari pun just walking distance :)

During our 5 days in Melaka, the whole town is super crowded even though on weekdays maybe because of school holidays. walau apa pun the trip was good. I brought the kids to many places. Places that tourist usually go to. We walked around the old town centre, admiring the wonderfully look after buildings. Even though we have been there few times we still have fun and tak rasa jemu. Another best part about Melaka is Asam pedas....huhuhu...I sangat gemok 5 days kat and more eat...hehehe...ohhh belum lagi seafood @ umbai...:( 5 days 5 kilos huwaaaa!!!

Okay...jom tengok picture jer lah apa our activities kat Melaka ni :)
zoo melaka

taman buaya

muzium melaka

Till then...later peeps!!

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