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Friday, September 9, 2011

Which perfume suites you the most?

Me? i dunno :) i just love perfumes and i dunno which one suites me the most. Rasa semua okay jer and smells great! Today I was looking through all my fragrances, and thought it would be fun to share all my favorite perfumes!

I love perfumes and scents that are not too strong. Sometimes its really tough choosing a perfume that is right for you. Actually, my favourite kinds of scents are florals, sweet vanilla scents and also fresh spring scents. So, here is my collection! ada yg dah lama beli and ada yang baru jer :)

banyak tak?? if more than 2 banyak lah kan... :p

ni yg latest my boss bagi katanya kat isetan Rm500 plus...hmmm betul ke erk?

Ada lagi tau...but no picture lah...nanti if rajin I letak lah... :)

Ehh..rasa nak ke na tukar je title post nih...erk??

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