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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

yesterday was not my day...

We all have our ups and downs each day and yesterday was gloomy day for me indeed. I was tired after not getting a good night sleep (hehehe baca novel actually :P). Adam threw a tantrum early morning. He cries and refuses to go to day care, same goes to Dina, and she’s on a week Deepavali's holiday. She also refuses to go to day care. I am very late to the office because memujuk anak-anak tersayang. Dina, finally went to her grandmother’s. Adam, I sent him to day care walaupun sungguh payah nak turun dari kereta...

Dalam kecoh-kecoh pagi semalam, Mr. H did asked me to reconsider to stop working as his previous suggestions. I thought we agreed not to talk again about the matter further as we have made our decisions...sigh… :( but at noon he called me and apologized and he said he shouldn’t pry further about it. Decision has been made, maybe he carried away with the hassles of the children in the morning. Hmmmm… actually it doesn’t make me feel better at all. But I was happy to accept his apology.

In the office, all went so wrong, so very, very wrong… I got in trouble for something that really isn't my job… arghhh!!!…damn!! I don't want to remember things that annoyed me and I don't want to talk about it anymore."You owe me an apology my friend!”

My bad day ended with me crying (many people claim to feel better after a good cry...errr… no?) and tried to talk to my close friends. After that, I feel relieved. Later in the afternoon a cup of tutti frutti it certainly cheered me up :D... thank you!

Later peeps!!

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